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To put it simple, we are a group of ladies looking to make an impact in our community.  The Big Country Area is filled with local Non-Profit groups that do amazing work.  Our goal is to recognize these groups, find out what there needs are and see if we can be of some help.

We want to encourage all of our Big Country Women members to assist us in finding Non-Profits to meet with.  If you know of a group that is in need of financial help, then please fill out one of the nomination forms here on the website and submit it to one of the board members.  We will be more than happy to answer any question you might have.  


Deuteronomy 16;17   Every man shall give as he is able, according to the blessing of the Lord your God which He has given you.                    


So how does this work?  It's easy!  When you sign up you are pledging at donation of $100 per quarter to a local Non-Profit. That equates to $400 annually and in most cases will all be tax deductible.  We hold a meeting each quarter to meet with three local groups and learn about what they do and what their needs are.  We will vote on one of those Non-Profits at that meeting and give them our monetary donation.

Now the basis of this is that there is strength in numbers.  You could donate $100 to a charity and it doesn't stretch very far.  Here you can donate $100 and be a part of a large donation that has the ability to be a game changer for some of these groups.  If we have 100 people that donate $100, then that equals a $10,000 donation!  That kind of money can go a long way with our local charities!

February 27th @6:00 p.m.

May 22nd  @  6:00p.m

August 28th  @  6:00p.m.

December 4th @ 6:00p.m.

Meet the Board

Treby Beck     

Stacy Bettis    

Angela Childress

Jennifer Fraser

Amy Dugger